from by Colin O'Brien-Lux

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i dont walk, i corkscrew
i cut through the air
there aint a wall that i couldn't get through
i couldnt tear

well curly am i dreaming?
my moods they leave me steaming
you'd think that after walking down a road
you'd get somewhere

i think it's time to retire, my progress
has been inches

well i dont care i move quick
you snakes have no idea
though you could flip me head over shoulder
over heel

well it's on my mind

face down in the water thinking god i gotta get up but
god maybe is shouldn't
freezin all my nightmares they go right into a box and then
right into the refrigerator
i'm not gonna be going anywhere soon
if you're gonna be here i'm gonna be too

and then it baloons, but it still feels like a rock
and it's never going to pop

well curly am i sober? i feel that i have learned this
over and over and over and over (x4)

i think it's time to retire, my progress has been


from Dishes, released March 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Colin O'Brien-Lux Los Angeles, California

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